About Christiania

Christiania is a green and car-free neighborhood in Copenhagen with space to live in a different way within the general rules of legislation.

Christiania is a unique area in Denmark which contains many different historical and cultural layers, and the entire area including the protected fortification and ramparts must serve as an open, recreational area for Christianites, the residents of Copenhagen and the rest of the population.

The Christiania area consists of the former Bådsmandsstræde Barracks and Christianshavn Ramparts which was established in the 17th century as a part of the fortress ring around Copenhagen.

The rampart is a well-preserved military plant and is characterized as an ancient monument which is preserved to benefit future generations.

Christiania was established in 1971 and existed under special conditions for 40 years.

After many years of uncertainty about the future organization of Christiania and after many negotiations between Christiania and the state, an agreement was entered on 22 June 2011 between the parties concerning the future ownership of the Christiania area.

The agreement meant that on 1 July 2012, a foundation, the foundation for the Freetown Christiania, was able to purchase the entire part of Christiania located outside the protected ramparts.

The foundation leases buildings and land on the ramparts, which are still owned by the state. In this context, a number of specific purchase and lease agreements have been entered between the foundation for the Freetown Christiania and the Danish Building and Property Agency.


Christiania sekretariatet