The agreement between Christiania and the state

On June 22, 2011, an agreement was reached between Christiania and the state regarding a solution for future ownership of the Christiania area.

The agreement involves that the foundation buys and rents buildings and land from the state and that the foundation is responsible for restoring, future operation and maintenance of the fortress, all state buildings, energy supply, infrastructure and lightning, etc.

The foundation will also be responsible for the future housing allocation in the area.

Implementation of the agreement of June 22 takes place through five agreements. Agreements 1-4 concern rights of property and use.

Agreement 5 governs the foundation's obligations for the renovation, operation and maintenance of buildings and areas still owned by the state.

Read the purchase and lease agreements (In Danish)

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Two supplementary agreements have been developed for agreement 5, and they deal with the work on restoring the ramparts and the state buildings.

Read the supplementary agreements (in Danish)

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Supplementary agreement of 30 August 2022 

On August 30, 2022, the Freetown Christiania Foundation and the state entered into a supplementary agreement to the 2011 agreement.

The supplementary agreement entails, among other things, the construction of 15,000 square meters of public housing on the Christiania premises, as well as the continuation of the agreed upon restoration of buildings and ramparts.

Furthermore, the agreement grants the Foundation the opportunity to purchase the rampart area and the buildings within the area that the state still owns.

 Read more about the supplementary agreement of 30 August here 

The purchase price

The purchase price for the part of Christiania area purchased by the foundation is 125.4 million DKK.

The price is based on the condition of the buildings and the recovery needs and from the tasks related to the restoration, operation and maintenance of the area the foundation will take care of.1, 2018 with 11.2 million DKK.

The remaining part of the purchase price of 40 million DKK is corrected by the foundation's acceptance of all obligations for restoring communal areas, roads, lighting and the grid, as well as restoration, maintenance and operation of the ancient monument.

Until 2021, the foundation may apply for reimbursement in the purchase rates for the work carried out in connection with the restoration of the protected ramparts and the state buildings on the ramparts.



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