Renew an existing approval

If you already have a GDV approval, you must apply for renewal before the approval expires.

We recommend reading the "Guidelines for renewing GDV approvals" before applying.

Link to the guidelines for renewal of GDV approvals

You can apply for renewal in two ways. The process depend on whether there have been changes to the approval or not.

There have been changes to the approval, if e.g. an item has been removed from the list of versions because it has been discontinued.

There have also been changes to the approval, if items have been added to the list of versions.

If the approval is unchanged, an application must be made for renewal through submitting a solemn declaration.

You apply for renewal by filling in the solemn declaration, and then sending it to us at

Link to solemn declaration

The application with the solemn declaration for renewal of the GDV approval can only be used if there are no changes compared with the existing approval, i.e.:

  • The building component has not been changed as regards construction, composition of material or health-related properties.
  • It is the same list of versions for the building component or a revised version list where some versions are withdrawn (the test version shall, however, still be part of the list).
  • The conditions for the approval are still met.
  • The same company is the approval holder.

If the approval has changed, an application for renewal must be made through This applies e.g. if an item has been discontinued or withdrawn.

When new versions are added, the agency will assess whether the changes can be seen as part of a renewal, or whether a completely new application must be submitted. If the new version does not comply with the test version, an application for a new approval must be submitted.

You can see how to apply through under the "Apply for approval" page.

Link to page "Apply for GDV approval"

Remember to cross the box where we ask if you already have an approval.

Within three months before expiry

Applications for renewal must be submitted to GDV, no later than three months before the expiry of the GDV approval.

If we receive an application later than three months before the expiry date, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that we will be able to renew the approval before it expires.

It is stated in our Executive Order, that an approval cannot be renewed once it has expired. If the approval expires before we begin processing the case, a new application for GDV approval must be submitted.

You must therefore remember to submit your application for renewal no later than three months before the approval expires. Otherwise, a case processing time of 6-8 months is expected.

Missing updated foreign certificate

The Danish Authority may well receive an application for renewal three months before expiry, even if the relevant foreign certificate has not yet been received from the subcontractor.

However, it should be clear from the application that the certificate will be sent afterwards.

The updated certificate must then be submitted as soon as it is available to the subcontractor.

However, renewal of the GDV approval will not be possible if the updated foreign certificate is not received by the Danish Authority.

Renewal or new approval?

Renewal can only be applied for, if the building component is unchanged in relation to the current approval. If there are changes in either construction, material composition or health properties, you must submit a new application.

Furthermore, it must be the same company that received the current approval, that applies for renewal.

In all cases where the application must be considered new, the existing approval number cannot be continued and the new GDV approval will be assigned a new approval number.

You can read more about whether an approval can be renewed or whether a new application must be submitted in the guidance referred to above.

Processing times

The Danish Authority currently has many applications, which is why longer processing of your application can be expected.

If you apply for renewal before 3 months prior to expiry, the approval will not cease because of expiry. 

If applied for later than this, you can currently expect a processing time of 6-8 months.